First Namesort ascending Last Name Department Phone Ext 1 Email
Zachary Aidala Social and Behavioral Science 1105
Yuichiro Nishizawa Creative Arts and Technology 1555
Vania Penha-Lopes Social and Behavioral Science 1540
Thomas Toynton Creative Arts and Technology 1701
Thomas Slaughter Humanities 1283
Tammy Castro Natural Science and Mathematics 1314
Suhaib Obeidat Accounting, Business, CIS & Economics 1368
Steven Kreutzer Accounting, Business, CIS & Economics 1342
Sandra Van Dyk Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1661
Rosita Rodriguez Nursing 1331
Robert Collmier Accounting, Business, CIS & Economics 1389
Robert Bunch Humanities 1103
Richard Hart Humanities 1281
Rebecca Walter Natural Science and Mathematics 1317
Phyllis More Nursing 1325
Peter Gordon Creative Arts and Technology 1773
Peter Kardos Social and Behavioral Science 1288
Paul Russo Natural Science and Mathematics 1312
Paul Puccio Humanities 1404
Nora Krieger Education 1407
Neddie Serra Nursing 1120
Nancy Bacci Creative Arts and Technology 1707
Michelle Chase Humanities 1705
Michael Schiro Natural Science and Mathematics 1511
Maryann DiLiberto Accounting, Business, CIS & Economics 1379
Martha LaBare Humanities 1326
Mark Jackson Library 1714
Marianne Flood Nursing 1562
Maria Vogt Natural Science and Mathematics 1318
Margaret O'Reilly Education 1521