Last Name First Name Department Phone Ext 1 Email
Lozada-Batista Maria Academic Services/Services for Students with Disabilities 1650
Patel Mayura Natural Science and Mathematics 1596
Johnson Coniqua Residential Education and Housing 1247
Gros Carolyn Academic Affairs 1114
Rivera Raquel Admission 1749
Lamberti Diane Operator 0
Muller Eugene Institutional Research 1227
Hinson Ramona Student Financial Services 1228
Brady James Information Technology 1224
Park Soyun International Training and Professional Studies 1406
Pollick Monika Enrollment Management 1388
Williams Shaun Accounting Office 1265
Kleinfeld Sarah Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1268
Gerstmayr Andrew Office of Enterprise Technology Services 1223
Frascati Joni Institutional Advancement 1296
Richlan Lisa International Training and Professional Studies 1656
Kison Carissa Health Services 1439
Wooten Sheila Athletics 1363
Gandy Toriano Creative Arts and Technology Division 1795
Meyers Regina Admissions 1437
Harrison SueAnn Student Affairs 1245
Harris Gladstone Athletics 1788
Flood Lorraine Nursing 1659
Cook Alicia Institutional Advancement 1780
Lipinski Donna Business 1339
Fields Beverly McNair Program 1662
Quinn Nicole Institutional Advancement 1297
Jeong Peter International Training and Professional Studies 1777
Winston Lucia Personal Counseling 1302
Cox Susan Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1255