Department Division Phone Ext 1 Phone Ext 2 Email Building/Locationsort ascending
Computer Lab (Library) Academic Affairs 1717 Library
Center for Teaching & Learning with Technology Academic Affairs 1790 Talbott Hall
Mailroom/ Service Center Administration & Finance 1264 1265 Richards Hall
Maintenance Administration & Finance 1214 1263 Richards Hall
Physical Plant Administration & Finance 1263 Richards Hall
Westminster Arts Center Institutional Advancement 1129 Van Fossan Theatre
Education Academic Affairs 1110 Jarvie Hall
Humanties Academic Affairs 1276 Seibert Hall
Athletics Student Affairs 1362 Gymnasium
Institutional Advancement Institutional Advancement 1293 1292 68 Oakland
SSS-Star Program Academic Affairs 1170 1147 Learning Resource Center
McNair Program Academic Affairs 1663 Learning Resource Center
Services for Students with Disabilities Academic Affairs 1654 Learning Resource Center
Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning (CITEL) Academic Affairs 1246 1660 Learning Resource Center
Admission Enrollment Management 1230 1 Park
Institutional Research and Assesment Administration and Finance 1133 Knox Hall
Business Office/Accounting Administration and Finance 1441 Knox Hall
Human Resources Administration & Finance 1201 Knox Hall
Accounts Payable Administration and Finance 1427 Knox Hall
Student Financial Services Enrollment Management/Finance 1202 1212 Knox Hall
Office of Information Services Administration & Finance 1223 1710 Knox Hall
Payroll Administration & Finance 1203 Knox Hall
Academic Affairs Academic Affairs 1101 1352 73 Oakland
Categrafica Academic Affairs 1797 Westminster Hall
Creative Arts and Technology Academic Affairs 1507 Westminster Hall