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Read Bio +/- Angela Yang

Director, International Programs and Services


Angela Yang has developed considerable experiences in the field of international education, including study abroad, international recruitment, student services, and admissions. Angela has worked for both suburban and urban campuses, four-year and two-year institutions in Colorado, Washington, and now New Jersey. She has also travelled extensively as a recruiter, developed partnerships with agents in schools overseas, and provides guidance to help international students acclimate to American colleges.

Angela was an international student, from China. She is not only passionate about international education, but also understands the struggles international students may encounter on campus. Therefore, she wants to advocate for this population by helping them achieve their goals. Angela has a Master's degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Currently she is a doctoral student at Northeastern University, focusing on higher education leadership.

about me +/- Jamilah Moudiab

International Admission Counselor


Hometown: Myriad of places, Newark, East Orange, Fairfield (California) and Florence, SC. But I am most at home wherever my family is.

Alma Mater & Major: Rutgers Newark- Global Affairs, Political Science and Anthropology- Still writing my doctoral dissertation for Seton Hall University.

High School: Fairfield HS (California) and Clifford J Scott HS in East Orange

Works with:International Students in both F and J status.

Fun fact you should know: I have seen every episode of Law & Order and the Golden Girls. I considered going to cooking school but changed my mind.

I just love: Reading, cooking, up-cycling furniture and foreign films.

Favorite Quote: Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people- Eleanor Roosevelt.

Favorite thing about New Jersey: The only pumps I need to worry about are the ones in my closet and not the ones at the gas station. Jersey girls DON'T pump gas!

The one experience students shouldn't miss at Bloomfield College: Students should look to go abroad for a semester or two. Speak to your advisor and SFS to see how easy it is to fit this within your budget.

Favorite spot on campus: The Admission Office (I really cant find anything else)

The "coolest" thing I've heard someone say about Bloomfield: It is the only local campus that looks like a college (Said by Director of RU-Newark Admissions to me and Jorge)

My "warm & fuzzy" moment since working at Bloomfield: Graduation 2014 the Admissions Office held a luncheon for the graduating international students and it was nice to see my students relaxed and enjoying themselves.