Special Programs

Geographies of Experience: Culture, Art, Science, Self

“Geographies of Experience: Culture, Art, Science, Self” (GEO) is the new year-long, two-semester, two-course, interdisciplinary, general education, first-year experience required of all incoming First Year students at Bloomfield College.  The courses will each be one-course unit (4 credit hours), and 14-weeks long, integrating field trips with classroom learning.  The two courses have no pre-requisites, and can be taken in any order.  Each section will have a maximum of 20 students.
Each course requires five field trips over the course of each semester—4 college-organized, guided field trips and 1 independent field trip (students select a destination from several choices and make the necessary travel arrangements to go on their own)— taking advantage of the resources, both cultural and natural, in the NY-NJ area. The two courses are:
“Geographies of Experience: Culture, Art, Science, Self” exposes students to the richness of the physical and cultural landscapes of the region.  Together, the two courses provide a common immersion experience in culture, art, nature and ecology. GEO will broaden students’ knowledge, stimulate their curiosity and spark their imaginations. Students will learn not only about peoples and their histories, religions, cultures and art, but also about the natural environment, other life forms (both plant and animal) and other elements of the universe.  Philosophical inquiries into the nature of knowledge, the nature of the universe and the nature of the self will be woven into class discussions and student journals.