Peer Mentor Program

Do you need some extra help?  Carefully selected peer mentors are available throughout the week in the nursing lab. These upperclassmen are here to help underclassmen with skill reinforcement, test taking skills, a sense or security, and if needed - a little extra boost of confidence to help during those extra stressful moments.  Having been through the program themselves, the peer mentors know exactly what it's like to be in the current classes underclassmen are in and can give some helpful hints.
Nursing Peer Mentors Schedule
Mondays: Massiel (12-2PM)  
Melissa (12-2PM) 
Nicholle & Edwine (2-4:30PM)  
Jackie (12·2PM) 
Melissa (12·2:30PM)
Nicholle & Edwine (2-4:30PM)
Fridays:  Jackie (11-2PM)  
Saturdays:  Massiel (11-2PM)