Nursing Scholarship Winners

The BCNSA would like to take this opportunity to congratulate recent student scholarship winners and commend them on their hard work and success. Congratulations to this year’s Bloomfield College Nursing Division Alumni scholarship winners!
October 2013
Adoura Richmond, Senior -Sutcliffe Foundation Scholarship and Stella Van Houten Scholarship 
Marvail Christian, Senior - Concerned Black Nurses or Newark Scholarship
Edwine Jean-Baptiste, Junior -Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarship
AnaMaria Bacelos, Junior - Dorothy and Edward Brill & Muriel and Donald Groff, MD Scholarship 
Jackie Hunterton-Anderson, Junior - Newcombe Scholarship of Mature Women, Caretta Nursing Scholarship and P. Henry Mueller Scholarship 
September 2013
Cindy Chung, senior nursing student *
Rona Mercado, junior nursing student *
* This scholarship is awarded to the student with the highest academic GPA in the junior and senior nursing classes. Congratulations on your accomplishments!