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Meet the Natural Science & Mathmatics Faculty

James Murphy, Ph.D.

Division Chair

Professor of Biology

Room 231
Phone: 973-748-9000 x. 314
Email: jim_murphy@classic.classic.bloomfield.edu


Dorothy Zahran

Division Secretary

Room 231
Phone: 973-748-9000 x. 313
Email: dorothy_zahran@classic.classic.bloomfield.edu


Biology Faculty:


Leila Koepp, Ph.D.

Biology Coordinator

Professor of Biology

Room 022
Phone: 973-748-9000 x. 310
Email: leila_koepp@classic.classic.bloomfield.edu


Tammy Castro, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology

Room 121
Phone: 973-748-9000 x. 445
Email: tammy_castro@classic.classic.bloomfield.edu


Paul Russo, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology and Computer Information Systems

Room 112
Phone: 973-748-9000 x. 312
Email: paul_russo@classic.classic.bloomfield.edu


Mathematics Faculty:


Mike Schiro, Ph.D.

Mathematics Coordinator

Professor of Mathematics

Room 109
Phone: 973-748-9000 x. 511
Email: mike_schiro@classic.classic.bloomfield.edu


Debra Curtis, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics

Room 218
Phone: 973-748-9000 x. 479
Email: debra_curtis@classic.classic.bloomfield.edu


Harold Kruse, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Room 222
Phone: 973-748-9000 x. 317
Email: harold_kruse@classic.classic.bloomfield.edu


Kenneth Myers, Ed.D.

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Room 038
Phone: 973-748-9000 x. 456
Email: kenneth_myers@classic.classic.bloomfield.edu


Robyn Serven, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Room 227A
Phone: 973-748-9000 x. 428
Email: robyn_serven@classic.classic.bloomfield.edu


Physics & Science Faculty:


Demetris Nicolaides, Ph.D.

Physics & Science Coordinator

Professor of Physics

Room 010
Phone: 973-748-9000 x. 321
Email: demetris_nicolaides@classic.classic.bloomfield.edu


Alice Sayler, Ph.D. 

Pre-Chiropractic Program Coordinator

Professor of Chemistry and Computer Information Systems

Room 226
Phone: 973-748-9000 x. 315
Email: alice_sayler@classic.classic.bloomfield.edu