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About the Program: 

The ability to express yourself well in speech and in writing is an asset in any career. This makes English an excellent choice for students seeking a practical liberal arts major. The program offers three tracks: Literature, which examines the work of British and American authors as well as diverse world literatures; Writing, an intensive program in which students explore various genres in creative writing and print journalism; and Communication, which includes a concentration in Broadcast Journalism. Along with the obvious career paths of writing, publishing and journalism, an English major can lay the groundwork for careers in marketing, public relations, human resources, teaching or law.

English majors choose from three distinct concentrations:

Communication – Broadcast Journalism
What you'll study - Media writing, radio and television, news gathering, broadcast journalism
Career Paths - Broadcast journalism writing or reporting

What you'll study - British and American authors; African American, Latin American and other diverse literatures
Career Paths - Teaching, publishing, public relations, human resources

What you'll study - Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, print journalism
Career Paths - Writing, journalism, law, business management

Please also take note of the Common Core and General Education Programs.