Teachers Shape Lives

Education Co-Concentration: Sociology

About the Program: 

Once you decide that you want to become a teacher, the next step is determining what age group and subject matter you wish to teach. You may see yourself teaching elementary age children how to paint or leading a discussion on Hamlet with a high school English class. Perhaps you might enjoy working with preschool age children or preteens. There are so many options to explore at Bloomfield College, but chances are you already have an idea of the age group and subject matter you're interested in.

You can choose from:

Eligible Co- Concentrations for Education Majors Elementary &   Early Childhood Education Elementary with Subject Matter Specialization Secondary Education / Subject Area Special Education & Early Childhood/Elementary
Biology * * * *
Chemistry * * * *
Physical Science * * * *
English * * * *
History * * * *
Mathematics * * * *
Philosophy *     *
Political Science *     *
Psychology *     *
Religion *      
Sociology *     *
Visual and Performing Arts       *


Required (9 Course Units)
Notes and Instructions: 
* For Elementary and Early Childhood or Elementary with Subject Matter Specialization or Special Education and Early Childhood