About the Program

Admissions Procedures and Standards

Freshmen Admission to the CAT Major:

  1. Freshmen entering Bloomfield College may declare themselves as "Pre-CAT's."
  2. Admission to CAT is based on successful completion of 3 CAT courses, an admissions essay, portfolio review and an interview with a CAT Discipline Coordinator.
  • A freshman applying to CAT must have earned a minimum 2.7 average in CAT 110 and CAT 112 (Digital Media Studio I and II) and one other full-course unit CAT course. Applicants must have a minimum GAP of 2.3.
  • The admissions essay topic is "describe yourself as a creative person. What are your creative ambitions and what do you want to learn as a CAT major?" This essay may describe work submitted in the portfolio.
  • The portfolio must be the applicant's best work.

Please contact the Creative Arts and Technology Division (Ext. 1507) to receive instuctions for portfolio submissions.

Transfer Students and Admission to CAT:

Transfer students are not automatically admitted to the CAT major. All transfer students must write an essay describing their creative work and aspirations. They must meet with a discipline coordinator for portfolio review, which is used to assess technical and artistic proficiencies.

Transfer students with an AA degree, a minimum 2.7 average in a CAT concentration, and a successful interview and good portfolio will be admitted to the major.

Since transfer students often work in a new concentration, it may take more than four years total (junior college and Bloomfield College) to graduate with the B.A. in CAT.

CAT Core
course units


CAT 220 or CAT 270 or CAT 273 or CAT 242 (All are required for the Interactive Multimedia & the World Wide Web Concentration) *Interactive Flash Design (Required for Animation & Game Development Design Concentrations) *Flex for Web & Games (Required for Game Programming Concentration) *Capstone Project (For students with double majors in CAT, two capstones may be required)
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course units


* Movement for Animators & Filmmakers (Required for Animation Concentration) * Music Improvisation (Required for Music Technology Concentration)