About the Program: 
The M.S. in Accounting (MAcc) program at Bloomfield College is designed to prepare students for careers in corporations, government agencies, and accounting firms. Students who seek a graduate degree in accounting are those who wish to explore quantitative and computation finance in order to help businesses forecast financial situations and make wise financial decisions. The economic outlook for an accounting major is particularly strong right now. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the next 10 years, there will be an 18% increase in accounting jobs and a strong demand for professionals with advanced degrees in accounting.
The M.S. in Accounting program provides a strong technical foundation as well as a practical understanding of the context within which business decisions must be evaluated. This ten-course cohort program is designed to be completed in two academic years with courses being offered year round. In addition to a bachelor's degree, this curriculum allows students to meet the 150-hour rule currently required by most states in order to get a CPA license.
Classes for the M.S. in Accounting are taught in a rigorous yet informal seminar format that encourages a culture of collaboration between and among the faculty and students. The relatively small size of the program contributes to a friendly, supportive environment that promotes student success.
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Notes and Instructions: 
To facilitate the transition of current Professional Accounting Students, an additional conversion course (ACC 500) will be offered. Upon successful completion of the conversion course, students will be given graduate credit for certain equivalent undergraduate courses: ACC 505 Advanced Taxation, ACC 510 Advanced Auditing, ACC 515 Managerial Accounting Seminar, ACC 520 Financial Accounting Seminar, and BUS 510 The Legal Environment will be eligible for credit.