Computer Science

About the Program: 

A corporation’s information technology (IT) network is a medium for its communication, commerce and growth. It is a critical system and one that requires constant updating and maintenance. The focus of this program is to prepare you for a successful IT career, with a broad range of courses including C++, UNIX, Object-Oriented Design, Database Management, Management Information Systems (MIS), and Internet and Web Publishing.

As a Computer Science major, you will specialize in one of three areas: Database, where you will learn to manage data organization and storage; Network/Security, which will prepare you to protect and maintain corporate IT networks; and Programming, a key step in software development.

Computer Science majors choose from three concentrations:


What you'll study - Multimedia programming, database implementation, management information systems

Career Paths - Database management


What you'll study - Computer architecture, data communications and networks, network security

Career Paths - Network security


What you'll study - Computer architecture, database implementation, multimedia programming, network security

Career Paths - Computer programming


Special Acceptance into Masters of Science Degree Program at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

As a computer science major, you will be given the opportunity to gain acceptance into NJIT’s Master of Science in Information Systems (IS) program. Students accepted into the program will take a portion of their senior-year courses at NJIT and will be guaranteed admittance into NJIT without undergoing the typical application and GRE testing process. Entrance into the program is competitive and is based on grade point average.

Please also take note of the Common Core and General Education Programs.

General Business, Mathmatics, and Science Core Courses
Notes and Instructions: 
* Calculus and Analytic Geometry I or Discrete Mathmatics
CIS Core Courses
Notes and Instructions: 
Computer Literacy can be replaced with both Fundamental Computer Literacy I & II
CIS (Select 4)
Notes and Instructions: 
Any Computer Science course 200-level or higher Any Network Engineering course
B.S./M.S. Computer Courses
Notes and Instructions: 
Computer Literacy can be replaced with both Fundamental Computer Literacy I & II
B.S./M.S. Science Courses
Notes and Instructions: 
And two courses taken at N.J.I.T: CIS 251 Computer Organization CIS 333 Introduction to UNIX Operating Systems or CIS 456 Open Systems Networking In addition to the courses listed above students must take the following courses before beginning the Masters' degree courses at N.J.I.T.: MTH 200 Applied Statistics I MTH 222 Calculus & Analytic Geometry II ACT 515 Accounting for Managerial Control (at N.J.I.T.)