Business Administration

About the Program: 

As a business administration student, you will acquire the breadth of basic business knowledge you need to succeed in today’s complex, dynamic business environment. Whether you choose to work in a corporate environment or strike out on your own as an entrepreneur, you will receive the foundation you need to build a thriving business career.

Your general course of study will include accounting, economics, computer literacy, finance, marketing, statistics and business law. In addition, you will specialize in one of nine areas, including Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management,

International Business Management, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

Business majors choose from the following concentrations:


What you'll study - Monetary systems and theory, operations management, money and banking

Career Paths - Research, finance, teaching


What you'll study - Working capital management, business policy, security analysis, money and banking

Career Paths - Financial analyst, stock broker, bank officer, personal financial planner

Human Resource Management

What you'll study - Human resource management,workplace issues, training and development

Career Paths - Human resources management, training and development

International Business Management

What you'll study - International finance management, international human resource management, international trade

Career Paths - International business management


What you'll study - Operations management, business policy, organizational behavior

Career Paths - Business owner, corporate business management

Management Information Systems

What you'll study - Programming, systems analysis, database management, multimedia programming

Career Paths - Information technology management


What you'll study - Consumer behavior, industrial marketing, marketing research

Career Paths - Advertising, marketing, business management

Supply Chain Management

What you'll study - Supply chain management, physical distribution, production and inventory control, quality control, purchasing

Career Paths - Supply chain management, operations management

Please also take note of the Common Core and General Education Programs.

Core courses for Business Administration Majors
Notes and Instructions: 
CMP100 Computer Literacy can be substituted by a combination of CMP102 Fundamental Computer Literacy I and CMP104 Fundamental Computer Literacy II.
Business Administration Economics Concentration
Notes and Instructions: 
Elective Courses: Students select 2 courses (at the 300 or 400 level) from any economics, finance, management, accounting, human resource training or marketing courses and select one 0.5 c.u. course from within the College.
Business Administration Finance Concentration (Required)
Electives: select 3 (Finance)
Notes and Instructions: 
Any division 300 or 400 level course. Students also need one 0.5 c.u. course from within the College.
Business Administration Human Resource Management Concentration (required)
Electives: select 2 (Human Resource)
Business Administration Human Resource Training Concentration (required)
Business Administration International Business Management Concentration (required)
Electives: select 2 (International)
Business Administration Management Concentration (required)
Electives: select 2 (Management)
Notes and Instructions: 
And students select 1 course at the 300 or 400 level from any ACC, BUS, CIS, or ECN course and one 0.5 course unit from within the College.
Business Administration Management Information System Concentration (required)
Notes and Instructions: 
Take CMP 324 Multimedia Programming or CMP 431 Data Communication and Networks
Business Administration Marketing Concentration
Notes and Instructions: 
*Take BUS 414 Marketing Management and Strategies or BUS 401 Business Policy *Take BUS 325 Principles of Advertising or BUS 337 Sales and Sales Management Elective Courses: Students select 3 courses (at the 300 or 400 level) from any economics, finance, accounting, management or marketing courses and PSY 224 Industrial?Organizational Psychology or PSY 317 Organizational Behavior.
Business Administration Supply Chain Management Concentration