What is "PRAXIS prep"?

PRAXIS prep is a 6-week workshop series that addresses all areas of the Early Childhood Content Knowledge (5022) and Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5001) Praxis exams.  These workshops are offered in the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters.

When are workshops offered? (Intensive test prep)
Workshops will be offered from 3 pm to 5 pm on Tuesdays: August 18 & August 25.

Which PRAXIS exam do I need to take?

Different exams are required for different certifications. Go to the following website to determine the test you need to take in order to obtain NJ certification:

Who can attend the PRAXIS workshops? 

These workshops are FREE for currently enrolled Bloomfield College students. Workshops are also available to those who are not currently students for a modest fee. 

Bloomfield College alumni/recently accepted students who have not yet enrolled: $20.00 per hour.

  • Non-Bloomfield College students: $40.00 per hour.
  • REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. You may register by clicking the registration form link.

For more information please contact