Summer Program for Incoming Bloomfield College Freshmen


Free Summer Program for Incoming Freshmen
Get a head start on your college career!  With this summer program not only will you develop skills that put you ahead of the game, but you will also have the chance to receive free college credit and waive out of a required math course.  

Program Includes:

  • PED 233: Healthy Lifestyles

  • Project Based Math Program

  • Free Lunch

July 11 – July 28
Monday – Thursday

Morning Classes 10:00am-12:15pm
Lunch 12:20pm-1:40pm
Afternoon Classes 1:45pm-4:00pm


1. PED 233: Healthy Lifestyles will:

  • Teach you about heathy habits and healthy choices
  • Teach you effective time management strategies
  • Teach you about study habits
  • Teach you about the transition from high school to college

We recommend that all incoming freshmen take this course.

* Students who pass this course will receive 2 free college credits (.5 cu) towards their free elective requirements.
** BONUS: Students that have placed into WRT 95 can retake the writing placement exam after the summer program and attempt to place into a writing course that offers college credit (WRT 105 or WRT 106).

This program is mainly recommended for students that have placed into MTH 130.  Math projects focus on financial mathematics and pre-algebra.

  • Those students who demonstrate that they can meet the goals of MTH 130 during the  summer program will have the required  course MTH 130 waived.
  • All students completing the experience will receive a free graphing calculator.

Please note: Students do not receive a grade or credit for the math portion of the summer program. 


June 30
All medical forms must be submitted to the Health Center​
July 5-7
ID Card Hours
July 7
Welcome Reception & Check in Day
July 10
Summer Program Move-in Day***
July 11 – 28
August 1 – 12 
​WRT 95 Students Retake Writing Placement 


*** Students who wish to participate and reside on campus during the summer program must complete their Fall 2016 admission process no later than June 1st in order to request housing for the Fall 2016 semester. Please note that we cannot guarantee housing for the summer program or for the Fall 2016 semester.

Students are not guaranteed housing in the summer.  Summer Program Housing will be based on zoning priority. First preference may also be given to students who take both classes and are a zoning priority. Students who take one class and are a zoning priority will still also get housing consideration. Any remaining housing spaces will be on a first come first serve basis. 

All summer program resident students are required to pay a $10 key deposit fee to Admissions by July 1st. 

For questions, please email:

Attendance is required. Absences must be approved by the program coordinator.