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Rosetta Stone for Study Abroad Purposes

Q&A: Language Skills Are Critical In Today’s World

Okay, so you’ve thought about studying abroad. Check! What about the language barrier? Do you speak the language of the country you’re interested in? If you do, that’s great! You’re one step ahead of the game! However, if you don’t speak that language, we offer a wonderful program called Rosetta Stone that can help you. Rosetta Stone is a language software program unlike any other.


“We approach language learning the same way that you first learned a language—using a natural method that teaches new language directly, without translation. That means no more confusing grammar explanations or mind-numbing vocabulary lists to memorize.” (Rosetta Stone)

Here at Center for Global Studies, we have the Rosetta Stone program available in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and French. We also have English for non-native English speakers looking to improve their English. Although we do not have the program in all languages, depending on where you wish to study abroad, it just might be a match!


Rosetta Stone for Academic or Career Purposes

What if you wanted to learn a new language for purposes other study abroad such as academic or career? Adding a language to your resume would enhance your marketing skills as a candidate for graduate school or even in the job field. However, don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at what other sources have to say about the economy’s demands for higher skilled workers and the advantages that come from knowing another language.

Forbes Magazine

Getting Smart

Rosetta Stone Just for Fun

Yes, you read correctly! Even if you do not wish to use Rosetta Stone for study abroad, academic or career purposes, you can use it just for fun! Rosetta Stone is an excellent way to relieve your mind from stress, whether induced by a class or life in general. So why not come, take a load off, and learn a new language while you’re at it?

User Eligibility

You must be a student, faculty member, or alumni in order to use Rosetta Stone at our office.Come and take advantage of this wonderful program that is available to you for free! Stop by our office and sign up today!  Our hours for Rosetta Stone are below:

Fall 2012 Hours

Please be aware that our hours change every semester. Stop by our office located at Voorhees Hall, Room 103 to get the latest schedule for the semester.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM